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Google AdWords

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Google AdWords Empty Google Ad words

Post  primedigital Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:22 am

Google ad words plays a more significant role to find the universal searching keywords. By using this we can easily find the most used keywords by the visitors.


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Google AdWords Empty Google AdWords

Post  Kath_T Sun Feb 17, 2008 12:15 pm

Google AdWords

I would like to introduce Google Ad Words to the community.

This marketing tool might be helpful
- regardless of you budget.

How it works

- You create your ad and choose the keywords.

- Ads MAY be shown on Google and their advertising network when internet users perform related searches on Google. It is also possible to determine on what sites (news, blogs etc.) and sections of a site your ads will appear.

- Transparency: You know where your ads are placed (also local targeting (i.e. 25-mile radius) possible), the cost, the clicks.

- You pay per click on your ad. Placement on Google Maps is possible as well.
(You can create your web site using Google if you do not have one.)

- Cost: You can set a daily or per click budget. Google offers a keyword cost calculator showing CPC (cost per click) for specific ad positions.

For example: Keyword: German Translation
Estimated Add Position: 1-3
Estimated Average CPC: X.XX $

The Estimated Add Position is determined by the Ad Rank. The higher the Ad Rank, the higher the position and the bigger the chance of being displayed. Basically, Google makes use of a crucial Quality Factor to evaluate the quality and relevance of the ad.

- Payment options: They depend on your country of residence but usually include major credit and debit card payments as well as bank account payments.

Personally, I have not used AdWords yet. But maybe somebody else did and wants to share their experience.


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