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Jon Felperin's Self-Introduction

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Jon Felperin's Self-Introduction Empty Jon Felperin's Self-Introduction

Post Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:12 am

Hello all:

I am an American TEFL specialist living in El Salvador. I am currently employed by an American school and also operate a consulting company that specializes in call center English training and e-learning programs.

I began EFL teaching in Japan in 1984 and went on to earn an MA degree and teaching credentials in the fields of education and TEFL. I have owned a few language and training businesses, and was once a member of International House--Intuition Languages UK/USA.

I am a partner in a security training center with an-ex police officer and fellow martial artist who manages our physical facility in the Los Angeles area:

I love to travel, study languages and experience foreign cultures.

I hope to be able to contribute to this forum and to learn from each of you.


Jon Felperin

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