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Low Budget High Impact

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Low Budget High Impact Empty Re: Low Budget High Impact

Post  forming Tue Jan 20, 2009 5:55 am

I would be very interested in forming an association. It does not have to be formal at all.

Admin, can you please offer some more specific examples?


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Low Budget High Impact Empty Great Advice

Post  blackrock Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:24 pm

Thank you for the great advice. Would you offer some more specific examples for the ideas you mentioned? Thanks.


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Low Budget High Impact Empty low budget high impact

Post  sharon Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:08 am

I couldn't agree more with 'low budget high impact'. I work for a small school in South America, and we all get involved in the marketing, although none of us really has much marketing experience or savvy. In the past we've spent a lot of money on marketing campaigns, such as tv advertising and presentations to potential clients, and got no business from them. Now we find that what works best for us is leafleting backed up by radio advertising. And a lot of our business comes through word of mouth. We've worked really hard to get a reputation for professionalism, added to the fact that all our teachers are native speakers, and it's starting to pay off. We are just about to start the academic year and have never had such interest our courses.


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Low Budget High Impact Empty Low Budget High Impact

Post  Admin Sun Feb 17, 2008 7:35 am

Creating a high-impact marketing campaign on a limited budget calls for creative thinking and a planned approach. Haphazardly splashing out on a glossy brochures and top end websites is all well and good but a limited budget wont stretch far and the results you get may not be what you hoped for. Using a planned approach and low budget marketing techniques to constantly reinforce your marketing message can quickly translate into money well invested.

Your target market needs to hear your message repeatedly to influence their buying decision
Expensive marketing on a limited budget limits the number of times you can send your message
Using multiple channels to deliver your message provides a higher impact for your marketing message

Target your market carefully knowing your customer well and delivering a relevant message via the appropriate medium can reduce your marketing spend as well as offering a higher-impact result. Mass marketing has its place but for small niche or highly competitive markets you need to find customers who are easy to identify and affordable to reach.

Make use of your existing customers word-of-mouth referrals offer a cost-effective way of reaching potential customers. If your existing customers are satisfied with the services you provide, a trusted recommendation to a friend or colleague can quickly prove more effective than even the most fancy ad campaign.

Make a story that people want to listen to creating news and having your name mentioned in the media is an effective way to have your message delivered at a low cost. Creating a story from a low cost promotion can draw in media interest, raise awareness of your organization and its services and incentivise potential customers.

Form a joint venture alliances with other organisations can boost the potential of your marketing budget as well as offering new business opportunities. A joint venture can lower your costs, provide access to new resources, open up fresh markets and provide innovation.


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